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Mom Freaks Out Watching Virtual Reality, Grabs A Dog's Butt Thinking It's The Dog's Head

To borrow a line from my dear friend Kevin Clancy, if you didn’t laugh at this then you should kill yourself. This is everybody’s mom right here. My mom is still trying to grasp the concept that the “like” button on social media isn’t the “I acknowledge that I saw this” button on social media. Watching your parents dabble with new technology is a brand of comedy unlike any other. It’s pure, it’s genuine and it’s so goddamn adorable.

This mom right here is clearly trying out some virtual reality for the first time and it is NOT going well. And when things are not going well, what should everyone’s first reaction be? Answer: Where’s my dog?

Thirsty? Water. Hungry? Food. Sad? Alcohol. Horny? Porn. Trauma? Dog. That’s how it goes, only this mom right here can’t actually see at the moment, so she goes right for this dog’s cute little butt. And because these angelic creatures know nothing else but to love their owner and obey their master, he just deals with it. I mean, he’s literally mortified and he’s just sticking it out because his mom needs the comfort of holding a dog’s ass right now.

Screen Shot 2017-12-04 at 12.11.43 PM

We don’t deserve dogs. We really don’t.