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Marshawn Lynch Cut A Post-Game Interview Short Because Of Ding Ding Sauce

Ah, Ding Ding sauce. Now, Im no expert but I’m pretty sure that Marshawn is talkin about some good ole fashioned piss piss. Everyone is praising Marshawn for his characterization of urine. Not me. I think his characterization of pee is off. Sauce? In the word of Kevin Clancy, for sure not.

A sauce is, lest we forget, a cream or semi-solid food served on or used in preparing other foods. If that definition holds true, urine is, at best, a mild vinaigrette.

“But Chaps, couldn’t Marshawn just be talking about sauce in a more loose and not strictly culinary sense of the word? After all, it was in jest.”

I guess he could be but as culinarians, we need to expect more. That’s all I’m saying.

Anyway , that feelin when you gotta get off the field quickly because you need to unleash some ding ding vinaigrette and you’re worried about becoming a Piss Dawg