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Alex Mack Gets Duffed By A Flag; Marcus Peters Throws A Flag To The Moon

I’d be mad if I was losing to the Jets, too. The Week 1 Super Bowl Champion Kansas City Chiefs have now lost 6 of 7 and tensions are high. Marcus Peters was so fed up with this game he straight up ejected himself and hit the showers early. Not only did he get that flag to the Jew Crew and make their day he gave out his gloves and probably cleats and jersey on his walk to the locker room. Happy Early Chanukah for all in New York courtesy of Marcus Peters.

And while Peters launching that flag to the moon was funny, seeing players get hit by flags just does it for me. Alex Mack never saw this one coming. His knees gave out like he just got mollywhopped over the head with a mace. He went down like LeBron when he got duffed in the head with a rogue basketball. No matter which clip you think is better, I think we can all agree it’s about time there was some levity between NFL players and flags.