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RIP Miami Hurricanes' Turnover Chain, 2017-2017

The U got blown out by Clemson last night. One of the least compelling games these eyes have ever seen. Essentially a shutout until Miami kicked a “we don’t want the history books to say we got shutout” field goal with 3:29 left of the scoreboard. Absolutely had zero business being on the same field as the defending National Champs. Outclassed in every way imaginable. And then this happened.

Dabo went out and acquired the world’s largest pair of orange scissors to cut a papier-mâché version of the turnover chain in half filmed on a cell phone camera from the mid-2000s. Everyone always assumes that phone is a Razr, but let’s assume this time it was an LG enV – one of those phones that opened up and had a full keyboard and another screen inside. Those were good money. Took shit videos, but a solid phone.

Nevertheless, this is what Dabo does. When he’s not inventing the dab, he’s pouring salt in the wounds of his foes like this. I’d just caution him to tread carefully. Sure, he stomped The U out yesterday and has been recruiting circles around them since he stepped foot inside the state of South Carolina. But The U is a big time grudge program. They may not have been fully back this year but they’re certainly on the come up. All I’m saying is tread lightly moving forward. Focus on beating Bama again in the here and now but then be careful heading into next season.