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This Dude Should Absolutely NOT Get $25,000 For This Performance

Nobody has ever struggled more with the halftime Dr. Pepper can challenge than Jose Ruiz just did. I mean seriously, what the hell was that? There’s no question he’s never thrown a ball before – any ball, at any time, for any reason – but I legitimately don’t know if he’s ever used his arm before either. Those throws weren’t even close. Even the ones that went in felt more like just laws of averages taking over more than him actually making the throw. Like when Marcus Smart shoots a three, it should never go in but the law of averages take over every once in a while and a blind squirrel ends up finding its nut.

Meanwhile Leona is putting on a clinic to his right. Just hitting her receiver in between the numbers ever time she grips the laces. She deserves her $100,000 grand prize for winning. Good on her. But it’s outrageous that Jose gets to put up THAT performance and walk away with any money. $25,000 to not be able to throw a rock into the ocean? Preposterous. This should be like when the Mavericks voted to not give Rajon Rondo his playoff bonus because they didn’t think he deserved it. Sorry for the multiple poor shooting Celtics guard references in the same blog but my mind is broken after watching this halftime showdown. That was prime Peyton on the Colts vs. Peyton’s last year on the Broncos, yeah he walks away with a prize but we all know he didn’t do anything to earn it.

Someone out there in one of these games is going to lose this challenge at the final buzzer and walk away with the exact same prize as Jose. It’s not right, it’s just not right.