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Trent Williams Would Play on 0 Legs If He Had To, But It's Time To Shut Him Down For This Year

This is a blog that sucks to write. But I’m strong enough to write it. Yes, a hero, if you will. Trent Williams needs to be shut down. The Skins are 5-7. The remaining schedule is easy, and there is a chance they can win out, go 9-7, and squeeze into the 2nd playoff spot, but we have to be realistic here. This ain’t a Super Bowl team. You can’t lose pretty much your entire offensive line, all your running backs, your All Pro tight end, your starting WR, have a banged up secondary, and a bunch of practice squad guys filling out the roster and expect to win many games.

So Trent needs to take care of Trent. I have never, everrrrr heard of a guy playing through as much pain, at such a high level, as him. I am so scared he is going to be a sad story when he turns 40 and can barely walk. He plays through so many injuries, such banged up knees, it is absolutely astonishing. The Skins had a pretty talented team to start the year, but having 100 guys on IR, Pryor not working out, blowing a couple of close games, and let’s mention the injuries again because they’ve been so bad, it’s time to start evaluating for next year. The only goal each year is to win a Super Bowl, and the offensive line composed of 2 beer vendors, a practice squad guy, and Trent Williams without any legs isn’t going to win a Super Bowl.

So hopefully he heals up, they sign Kirk, and this team is ready to rock next year. My friend Chris Thompson is ready ,and hopefully the rest of the IR and injured guys follow suit.