White House Downplays Importance Of Flynn Charges: "Everybody Lies In Washington"

This is another one of those where you read it and laugh because it’s a pretty absurd response but then you think about it for a second and say to yourself, “well, I mean, that’s kinda true.” That’s kind of the Trump White House in a nutshell isn’t it? Like yeah they’re not perfect, and you start to get riled up about their imperfections, but then they point to the fact that the political sphere has always been super fucked up and fake but presented itself as being this perfect, polished, politically correct world and all the sudden the Trump squad don’t look so bad. All the sudden they seem fucked just like everyone else except pretty straightforward and self-aware about it. It’s fucking crazy town but it kinda works. Absolutely shouldn’t work but, I mean, kinda works.

Put that on a bumper sticker. “Trump 2020: Absolutely shouldn’t work, but, I mean, kinda works.”