Smitty's Sleeper Picks For 2013 Fantasy Season

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Not going to go through the 50 BEST and 50 WORST like some dickbean site that just throws out useless content and rhymes with Queefer Report but I will give some insight on some legitimate, hardcore sleepers/underrated players that might fall through the cracks where you can get major value for where they’re drafted. Will go through each position. Take em or leave em. There’s no way to prove I know what I’m talking about until the results come in at the end of the season, so here we go.

Oh, and before I get into the picks I just want to inform the masses, myself and a couple of the other part-time guys are in a league with a few Twitter followers. Draft was last week. GuntSoxDave intelligently drafted Michael Crabtree in the 5th round (out for the season) and Brandon Lloyd, who is unemployed, a little later. He said both are considered “value studs”, whatever the fuck that means. The only value that fat ass gets out of anything is on the Wendy’s dollar menu.

No defensive players or kickers because you can literally insert anyone at each and not miss a beat if you know what you’re doing. Also, all of these picks are assuming turnovers hurt and some sort of PPR value are in play.

QB – Andy Dalton

The Ginger will slip past the first tier QB’s (Rogers, Brady, Brees, Manning) and has major up value over his mid-round counterparts of Big Ben, Eli and Tony Romo. 3rd year and with AJ Green this soulless bastard could eclipse 4500 yards and 30+ TD’s.

RB – Danny Woodhead

Ryan Matthews has never lasted a full season and usually trips over his tampon string while running anyways. Said they’re going to try to use Woodhead as a “Sproles-like” player, meaning possible PPR points through the taint.

RB – Bryce Brown

Fumbles are an issue, yes, but if LeSean McCoy ever goes down, which is a solid possibility, Brown will put up Top 5 RB points every game. Definitely handcuff him early if you draft Shady.

RB – Joesph Randle

Cowboys rookie who came into camp 3rd string. Their 2nd string guy bit the dust already and DeMarco Murray is as close to Samuel L. Jackson in Unbreakable as you can get in the NFL and still be a starter. Late round pick that could be a heavy workhorse late in the season? Worth a shot. Even if all Cowboys players and fans are awful human beings.

WR – Kenny Stills

Rookie WR for NO who has been lighting shit up this preseason for the Saints. Already locked up the #3 spot, which with The Birthmark Bomber means he could be a solid #2 or even a low level #1 WR value if they excel on the right page. This is probably the best, legitimate under the radar sleeper on the list.

WR – Patriot Rookie WR’s Kenbrell Thompkins, Aaron Dobson

Not really sleepers anymore because of their preseason performances and pretty much anyone you line up with Brady slings dick anyways. My advice would be to NOT overshoot for either. If they’re there later in the draft, take a shot, but if you take them mid-rounds or higher you are one of those chumps who just did their research from Peter King’s SI issue an hour before your draft.

WR – Darrius Heyward-Bey

Speedy little shit didn’t do dick in Oakland, but has locked up a starting spot in his first year at Indy opposite of Reggie Wayne. Yes, TY Hilton will be getting major reps and is a better option, but people are forgetting that Darrius will be out there EVERY SINGLE PLAY. Just the number of opportunities alone that Luck has chance to get him the ball is worth a mid-late round selection.

WR – Riley Cooper

Seriously. He isn’t that great of a player, but he’s got a chip and a half on his shoulder and will be a starter for the Eagles now that Maclin is down. Don’t be that guy who overshoots for him, but if he’s there in the later rounds he’s a great value pick. Look for him to have minimally a 50 catch/600 yards/7 td season. And that’s really lowballing his potential this year.

TE – Jared Cook

Dude was a surprising stud for the Titans with nobody throwing to him, and he’s having a great preseason with the Rams. Sam Bradford loved Danny Amendola and gave him legit 20 targets a game cause the highest signed player ever is too much of a pussy to throw the ball over 10 yards. Cook is apparently having that kind of rapport with Bradford and is lining up as both a TE and a slot receiver. Superb mid-round selection.

TE – Jordan Cameron

Yeah, he’s on the Browns. Yeah, he has already senior citizen Brandon Weeden throwing ducks his way. But this white boy has got some serious talent and Cleveland’s coaching staff is putting a ton of stock in him. Could get bigtime targets, especially in the redzone. Solid mid-late round pick, especially for your backup TE.

TE – Zach Sudfeld

Losers who don’t know dick (GuntSox) think Jake Ballard has a shot of putting up numbers for the Pats. Nope. This is the guy who is going to be getting Aaron Hernandez’s reps come regular season. And with Gronk always questionable on gameday with an injury/hangover/STD, Sudfeld could be the boss. GREAT later round pick value, but watch out. If somebody in your league knows what they’re doing Zach can be snagged fairly early in the mid rounds, even if I think that’s a premature ejac for him.

Pick wisely, my friends.