Jimmy Kimmel Offers To Fight Alabama Senate Candidate Roy Moore

Yesterday on the old Twitter machine, Jimmy Kimmel and Roy Moore got into a little war of words.

So, naturally, Jimmy took to his opening monologue to set the record straight. In fact, he accepted the challenge to fight Roy Moore. The problem with that is that both Judge Roy Moore and Jimmy Kimmel are amateur fighters and therefore have no legal place to fight. Sad. If only there was a place they could go to settle such an intense beef.

“Hey Chaps, couldn’t they sign up to fight in Rough N Rowdy on December 15th? If they could, everyone could sign up for just 9.99 to watch it. I think it would be a hit.”

You know what? I think you’re right. I’m sure they won’t announce the fact that they are fighting but just in case they do, you can sign up here.

If you aren’t familiar with what actually will be happening during these fights, watch this video of Rone and Caleb. I legit laughed so hard at this last night.