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Wake Up With David Ortiz Hitting A 514-Foot Home Run At The Tokyo Dome (2004)

It’s been a big week for throwback videos to MLB stars doing their thing in Japan. We had Randy Johnson throwing a perfect strike while blindfolded and Barry Bonds hitting homers off of Japanese pitchers bouncing on trampolines. Had to cap the week off with my favorite baseball video from Japan ever — David Ortiz absolutely pissing on this baseball at the Tokyo Dome.

It was officially measured at 514 feet, but if the light tower hadn’t stopped it, that thing was going at least eight hundred feet. AT LEAST. Most impressive part of this video is that this was the first week of November in 2004, AKA Ortiz had just finished up carrying the Red Sox to their first World Series title in 86 years about a week and change before this, and then he still had enough left in the tank to massacre this home run halfway across the world. Big Papi forever.