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Action Bronson And Beef Johnston Are Brothers From Probably The Same Mother

What a strange but awesome duo these two are. I mean they could have been separated at birth and no one would bat an eye. Just a couple of chubby dudes with giants beards who live life to the fullest. Although the picture isn’t as surprising as it may seem. Beef is a huge hip hop guy. I know that because hip hop was the thing I talked to him about when Riggs and I met him down in New Orleans to do a video. There was an awkward moment right before we did the video where we had like 10 minutes to chat before. I am worse than terrible at small talk with a stranger. Especially a famous stranger.

It went like this

Me: So……

Beef: (silence)

Me: (furthering the silence)

Me: How was the flight in?

Beef: I drove.

Me: Oh. Cool cool.

Beef: (PAINFUL silence)

Me: What kind of music do you listen to when you drive?

Beef: Hip hop. I love Nas.

Me: I love Nas, too!

And then we proceeded to talk about Nas and our shared love for Illmatic for the next 9 minutes and it was a glorious experience. So it comes to no surprise to me that he would go to the concert of yet another rapper from Queens. When I asked him the question I figured he was gonna say some British rock group that I’d never heard of and then I was gonna light myself on fire. Instead he said hip hop and we hit it off like a couple chums. I loved Beef before and loved him even more after.

I also met Action Bronson once

It was at Madison Square Garden and he was so high that there’s no way he remembers me or anything about UFC 217. It was still dope.

And those are the stories of me meeting Beef and Action Bronson.