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Bad News, Someone Kidnapped Ozzy Pawsborn Prince Of Barkness. Good News, Someone Returned Ozzy Pawsborn Prince Of Barkness






DAYTON, Ohio (WDTN) – Dayton police say a stolen Boston Terrier is back home with its rightful owner. Police say someone stole the dog from the backyard of a Thorpe Drive home late Tuesday night. His name is ‘Ozzy Pawsborn Prince of Barkness’, but you can call him Oz for short. Although Oz was returned, police are still looking for the suspect. She is described as a heavy set white woman in her 30s. She is believed to be a smoker. The dog’s owner said she received a text claiming the person saw the suspect wearing a light blue coat and dark rim sunglasses, carrying the dog on Wilmington Avenue near Patterson Road.




Well that’s a relief. This is like a doctor telling you that you have a brain tumor then waiting a beat to tell you not to worry because it’s benign. I didn’t even know Ozzy Pawsborn Prince Of Barkness was missing to begin with and I’m still an emotional mess from this. Just can’t have dogs with names like this go missing. The world is not a safe place if Ozzy Pawsborn Prince of Barkness can be snatched up. Remember that. Internalize it, and keep your eyes and ears peeled.