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Wanna Feel Like You're Living In An Alternate Universe? Watch Lance Armstrong Change A Bike Tire

What the hell did I just watch?  What just happened?  Did I somehow get transported to an alternate universe?  Lance Armstrong coming out of absolutely nowhere with this video.  I guess maybe this is an attempt to get back into the spotlight in a quirky, fun way.  A fucking weird attempt at that.  Last time we all saw Lance he was lying in Oprah’s face, losing everything he ever accomplished and becoming a social pariah.  And now he’s casually showing us how to change a bike tire like nothing happened.  Bizarre stuff.  I’m no PR expert but something tells me it’s going to take more than doing a weird commercial for a magazine nobody’s ever heard to wash away how much people hate you.  And the fact that Lance is a historic asshole doesn’t help his case.  People don’t forget.  But hey, it’s worth a shot I guess.