Bill Belichick Gives Greg Schiano Ringing Endorsement….All of Tennessee Scrambling To Rehire Him


So let me weigh in on this Greg Schiano situation real quick.  (Click here if you need a good recap of the entire incident) First of all TN fans have to cut the shit pretending they didn’t want him because of his affiliation with Penn State. They didn’t want him because they don’t think he’s a good coach and they think they deserve Jon Gruden even though Jon Gruden is never going to Knoxsville. They somehow think they are better than Greg Schiano and they used the Penn St scandal as an excuse to block the deal because they don’t like him. This had nothing to do with morals or ethics. They’d hire Hitler if they thought he could win the SEC. They knew that if they started screaming “Child Rape Enabler” from the rooftops the administration would have no choice but to kill the deal and that’s exactly what happened. Who cares if the allegations are even true or not? Who cares that both Schiano and the man he supposedly told the story about witnessing the shower incident to have denied it ever happening? And even if he did see something and told Joe Paterno about it and Paterno told him he’d handle it I don’t think it should ruin Schiano’s career. But none of that matters anymore. Vols fans didn’t want Schiano so they turned the Penn State thing into a nuclear football. (no pun intended but intended)

Now don’t me wrong I don’t totally blame TN fans for their behavior. They are convinced they know more about TN football than anybody else and that Schiano is a bum. Therefore they used every weapon at their disposal to kill the contract. That’s what crazy fans do. They care almost too much about the program. But here is where they fucked up. Greg Schiano is an excellent college coach. He is literally the only person in 100 years who made Rutgers football good. That was a far more difficult task than rebuilding Tennessee. He hasn’t failed yet at the college level. Yeah he sucked in the NFL but that’s a totally different beast. Bill Belichick swears by him.  I tend to trust Belichick’s professional opinion more than redneck football fans from the sticks. Hell I’d rather Schiano than Gruden. Gruden isn’t a college coach. Schiano is. And now not only did they blow up this deal but who in their right mind would want to coach the Vols with this insanely delusional fanbase you have to answer to. So even though TN fans acted out of love they’ve essentially ensured that they will be a laughing stock for the foreseeable future now. They’ve doomed their own program and have nobody to blame but themselves.