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Bringing Your Own Shitter Is A Tailgating Gamechanger



And I'm not talking about for the guys. I could care less about having a private porta-potty on the bed of a truck at a tailgate. Men already have numerous, viable options to take a piss at tailgates without the benefit of a toilet. Nearest bushes/wooded area – The open car door move – Pee in a cup inside the car – Just piss yourselves. If I have to legitimately release the hounds yeah I'll suck it up and pull the hover sit at the nearest public shitter or on a Cowboy's fan's Ford pickup.

No, no, no. This right here is a gamechanger for women who for some reason are at your tailgate. Put in a Yankee candle, some Cosmopolitan magazines and a tampon dispenser in that bitch, charge 5 bucks a squat and call it a career. Profits would almost make having women with you at sporting events worth it.

Also, wouldn't want to be the one who follows that Texans broad. 100% chance thunder thighs overloaded on kielbasa and dropped some serious heat in that humid box of death.