The Georgia Dome Implosion Video We've Been Waiting 24 Hours for Has Arrived


Dammit Internet, you’ve done it again. There’s not a man, woman or child among us who didn’t think of 28-3 when the Georgia Dome came down. But this is the perfect blend of inspiration and execution. I don’t care if you’re the most diehard, Dirty Bird, facepainted Falcons fan with a wrinkled old Mike Vick tattoo on your calf (Note: That person doesn’t exist), you have to watch this and say, “Yup. We deserve this.” And just in an ironic twist, the Georgia Dome opened 25 years ago. Just another Atlanta institution collapsing when it got up to 25. May it forever be remembered as The House James White Destroyed.

[h/t to r/Patriots Redditor tallpaleandhandsome]