This Bus Pulling Up In Front Of A Live Stream Camera Right Before The Georgia Dome Imploded Was An All-Time Fuck Up...Or Was It?

Nothing like watching a good old fashioned fuck up video to brighten up your day. I believe the kids used to call them Epic Fails way back when. But since this is 2017, I am way too woke to think this was actually a real life fail.

Why do you think The Weather Channel is sending out cameras to monitor a demolition on a bright, sunny morning? Yeah they are based in Atlanta, but that doesn’t mean shit. They wanted this to fail. They know that holiday traveling season is here and there have never been more ways to spend your weather dollar than right now. The news has always been a competitor, different weather apps pop up every day, and WeatherUnderground is looking to kick in The Weather Channel’s dick daily. Me? I’m TWC until the day I die. But not many people have the loyalty of a Mets + Knicks fan.

So The Weather Channel probably figured if they got into the viral video game, they would get their logo in front of millions of eyeballs that will be flying or planning out visits to family and friends over the next few months. And when they need to see how the weather will be during their commute, that clean ass blue logo will be fresh in their mind. If that video was real, there would be at least 5 F-Bombs dropped by the cameraman and whoever the All Business Pete of The Weather Channel would rather get crucified on live TV than to let the replay of it get out to the public. The Weather Channel isn’t going to go full Barstool and have a 30 minute live show without sound. But a little mistake that just so happened to take place in their backyard? No sweat off their back. Hell, they even had a script to follow from this video taken in Scotland last year.

The one thing I can’t figure out is if that bus is ALWAYS on time or if The Weather Channel hired someone to drive it. There is a chance that there was an inside man on the job. But maybe that bus being on time was the only part of the equation the Weather Channel couldn’t control. Much like the FBI cutting the power in Die Hard or Frank Abagnale having to take the bar in Louisiana. What I do know is that this was definitely staged in an effort to get more eyeballs and I will not fall for The Weather Channel’s tricks, no matter how much I love them.

Then again, here I am blogging about it on a website for a media company that is going to buy the moon sooner rather than later. Well played, Weather Channel you slick motherfuckers. Well played indeed.