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Loving The Hot Mic Outtakes From Tommy Tuberville and Mike Patrick Calling The Ok St/Iowa State Game - "I Don't Even Take A Dump By Myself"

As far as hot mic comments that get spread around the internet go, this is probably the absolute best you can hope for.  Nothing inflammatory, except maybe Mike Patrick’s bowels.  Nothing crazy or offensive.  Just a couple of guys jokin around being dudes.  Talkin dumps.  Talkin dicks.

The former Auburn coach was calling the game for ESPN, and wound up being recorded saying a couple of curse words in a videotaped analysis segment with play-by-play partner Mike Patrick. After recording his segment, Tuberville can be heard saying “Mike’s got to do it by hisself now. That’s no fair, y’all make me do this shit.”

Not to be outdone, Patrick chimes in with “I don’t even take a dump by myself, all right?”

Someone off camera can then be heard saying something to Tuberville, who replies “What? Oh, thank you. Thank you, dickhead. Slappy.” 

Slappy is such an underused, underrated old timey insulting name.  The old school version of Chief and Buddy.