An Elephant Manhandled a Car on a Safari, and then the Safari Park Killed the Elephant

Gawker - An elephant that attacked a car in a South African safari park in December, piercing a British schoolteacher with its tusks in the process, was put down by the park for behaving aggressively. The teacher and her fiancé were driving through Kruger National Park when an elephant walking down the path next to the car turned around and flipped it over, apparently trampling it after the video cuts out. The event was filmed by tourists in the next car, who escaped unharmed. The elephant concentrated on the back of the car, so both passengers escaped relatively unharmed. Sarah Brooks was stabbed in the thigh by the elephant’s tusk. She and her fiancé were both briefly hospitalized and released. But the park’s general manager, William Mabasa, said the elephant’s behavior was too aggressive, suggesting it was “on musth,” a cyclic condition where testosterone levels rise.

When you agree to go driving around elephants and cheetahs and shit like that, you need to understand you are, in fact, not an elephant nor a cheetah yourself. And elephants probably can’t fully understand what the fuck a car is, or why there are people in it, or why those people are taking pictures of it. So no, I’m not fully convinced the elephant was “behaving aggressively”. I think the elephant may have been behaving like an elephant. Like, I don’t give a fuck we have zoos and safaris and that shit, because we are the top of the food chain and generally take good care of the animals in those situations…but killing an elephant for being an elephant probably is not the way to go. Slippery slope. Can’t wait for a bird to shit on some old person’s head and then that bird is shot for having aggressive bowels. Gotta just accept that when you decide to go into god damn Africa, it’s not going to a scene out of the Lion King with the elephants throwing a ticker tape parade for you. As Chris Rock once said about the white tiger that attacked Roy from Siegfried & Roy, “That tiger ain’t go crazy; that tiger went tiger! You know when he was really crazy? When he was riding around on a unicycle with a Hitler helmet on.”