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Conor McGregor Just Jumped Into The Cage At Bellator To Celebrate With His Teammate And Got Into A Scuffle With The Referee

Ha! What the heck was he thinking?

So, to give some context, Charlie Ward is Conor’s teammate. He just won his fight at Bellator, and Conor McGregor is a RIDE OR DIE mothafucka. Legit can’t contain himself when one of his friends are fighting, and he’s gotten himself into trouble for it in the past. Marc Goddard, who is in my opinion the best referee in the sport, had to scream at him for going bananas cageside like a month ago, and here we’ve found ourselves in a predicament where McGregor tried to fight him.

I love it, to be honest. I love everything about this video. This is the wildcard that I want as my guy. I’d sit here and scold any UFC fighter on the roster if they put their hands on an official, and was furious with Roy Nelson when he did so to Big John McCarthy. Conor, though? He gets a pass. He’s untouchable. You can’t tell me him ambushing Ward with a hug like a fucking lion pouncing on a gazelle isn’t laugh out loud funny.

There’s a pretty serious chance he gets suspended from mixed martial arts and fined heavily for the shove, but he’s the king, and he’s the Notorious, so hoops will be jumped through at every corner to soften the blow. Like I said, he’s untouchable.

UPDATE: He also smacked the shit outta this guy. Ha!