Zero Chance This Guy Who Supermanned Mach Speed Off A Jet Ski Logically Thought Things Through

Nope. There wasn’t much going on between the ears on this one other than the classic: SEND IT. And unless you’re sociopathic Sales Guy wanting the next Instagram clip, adhering to that phrase is not recommended for an intact, working spine. I feel like this is getting more and more out of hand by the post. If you decide to partake in this newfound art of sendage, let’s be a little more responsible here. There’s a fine line between going to infinity and beyond on a Jet Ski and accidental suicide, and this moron was dangerously close to going full Ludicrous Speed over that mark. You can’t send while dead, and you can only send while being pushed from behind if you’re drinking from a straw for the rest of your days.

Sometimes going full send doesn’t work out for the best, like these Children Of Darwin who end up breaking their shit with the best of them. It’s literally Natural Selection in motion.

PS – Fuck it. Either FULL SEND, or die. Probably both.