Bitchy Midget On The Crusade To Change The Name Of "Extreme Midget Wrestling"


ARIZONA – Chandra Streitt, the vice president of Little People’s Valley of the Sun chapter, said that not only did she want the name Extreme Midget Wrestling changed for events within Arizona, but also nationally. “We are definitely waiting to hear back from the wrestling federation,” she told The Huffington Post. “We want an answer.” It was never Streitt’s intention to have the show cancelled, just to raise awareness. Her organization does not object to dwarfs wrestling packaged as WWE-style entertainment. “I have no problem with the fact that they’re wrestling,” she explained.

Let’s be clear about one thing, Chandra Streitt is the biggest little person in the game today. Broad could probably flap her arms and fly away if there wasn’t so much weight in the cargo.

But if Chandra here wants to take time away from her job in Willa Wonka’s factory and crusade to change the name of Extreme Midget Wrestling to Extreme Dwarf Fighting or whatever, go nuts. Midget Wrestling is akin to a rose meaning it could go by any other name and it would still smell just as sweet. If you called it Terroristic Baby Fisting people would still shell out cold hard cash to see it. No greater bang for your buck.

And I’m just waiting on the day when one of these little fuckers hits the mat hard so hard it bursts into a million golden coins. It will happen. It must happen.