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Iowa Puts An Absolute BEAT DOWN On #6 Ohio State At Kinnick Stadium, 55-24



What the hell just happened? What the hell did I just watch? Am I dreaming? 55 points! That was an absolute beatdown by the Hawkeyes. Not an upset. Not a 5-3 team somehow managing to hold on and beat the #6 team in the country. That was an ASS WHOOPING by Hawks. Yes I would’ve believed you if you had said the final score of the game would be 55-24 but I would not have believed you if you said the Hawks were gonna win. Nobody would’ve. Iowa has to wear those alternate uniforms every week now, right? Not only are they awesome but Iowa plays like a completely different team in them. Nate Stanley is a boss. Noah Fant is a boss. Josh Jackson is a boss. Just a team chock full of of bosses. I’m so happy. Have some pride, Ohio State. Have some pride, Eli Apple.

Things were going Iowa’s way from the very first play from scrimmage

From there it look like it was going to turn into a shootout which is not what Iowa wanted………until they kept keeping pace and kept keeping pace and next thing you know it was a blow out. People forget that this Iowa team came about two inches from beating Penn State. Can you imagine if they had beaten both those teams? Alas. This hasn’t been the most fun season of Iowa football watch. The lows have been very low but the high have been SUPER high. A beatdown of Ohio State will undoubtedly be the pinnacle. Wow. Just wow.

Also please take a look at this pick by Josh Jackson

It was just that kind of night for the Hawkeyes. I’m so happy.

Fuck this guy. Always and forever