Most Browns Story Ever - Cleveland Trades For AJ McCarron, Celebrates So Hard They Forget To Push Send and Miss The Deadline

Here’s the problem when you’re the Browns. I spoke about this when they had a literal dumpster fire at their facility last month. When you’re the Browns everyone EXPECTS you to fuck up. It’s a self fulfilling prophesy, a human centipede if only it was just the Browns entire franchise with their mouth sown directly to their asshole so they keep shitting down their own throat. So when things like this happen, they could be true, they could be false, they could have nuance and back and forth that make the explanation a lot more understandable but none of it matters because it’s the Browns.

If you woke up this morning and someone said to you “today the Browns will try to trade for a quarterback only to spend too much time celebrating the trade resulting in them forgetting to actually call the trade in” you’d say to yourself, yup makes sense. And that my friends are the Cleveland Browns. So unbelievably incompetent it’s completely believable. My heart goes out to diehard Browns fans. I mean that sincerely. No one deserves this type of pain and ridicule, no one. Now do me a favor and cue the music.

The sneaky best part of this is they were trying to trade for AJ McCarron. Like if the Browns have anything they have a plethora of shitty quarterbacks that show random flashes of being good. Why would you need ANOTHER guy like that. They basically were trying to trade for more sand for their beach on shit island.