Conor McGregor Issues Apology For Saying The F-Word

I’m gonna start this blog off by saying this: somehow, someway, I missed this video of Conor calling Andre Fili a “faggot” backstage after Artem Lobov’s loss. No idea how that happened, hand up, that’s on me. It’s really fucking shitty, and today he issued this apology:

Even fucking shittier. C’mon dude. I’m the biggest Conor McGregor fan in the world, and I’ll still be a fan of his after this, because we’re all human, and we all make mistakes and say things we wished we didn’t, obviously, but I can’t back him on this statement. Don’t make it about you campaigning for same sex marriage, don’t defend the statement by explaining Fili was “running away” in the fight, and FOR SURE don’t mention that the media’s out to get you and that’s why this was talked about. Just apologize.

Saying “faggot” isn’t okay, and it’s almost worse getting caught saying it in passing like this, because it means you’re comfortable saying it privately. I know the culture in Ireland growing up may have been different, and the culture in the fight community is MOST CERTAINLY different (still to this day), but it’s just intolerable in 2017. Many of your peers are homosexual, Conor. Amanda Nunes, a UFC Champion, is homosexual. Gotta take that word out of your vocabulary to become a better person, especially when you’re a role model to so many.