Pope Francis Admits That He Sometimes Falls Asleep While Praying

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The Guardian- Pope Francis has confessed he sometimes nods off while praying, and claims saints too have been known to grab some Holy shut-eye. “When I pray, sometimes I fall asleep,” he said in an episode of a Catholic TV2000 television programme published Tuesday on YouTube.  “Saint Therese did it too,” he said in reference to a 19th-century French nun, adding that Christians were called to feel like children lying in their fathers’ arms – a place conducive to napping, he implies. The 80-year-old Argentinian head of the Roman Catholic church radiates energy and enthusiasm when he meets people, but his expression turns very grave when he prays, often bowing his head and closing his eyes for long periods.

Cool motherfucking Pope strikes again! Feels like we haven’t heard from Cool Pope Francis in awhile. He was on a roll there for awhile. Dogs go to heaven? Yep sure. Gay people aren’t the devil? Sure why not. Down with aliens? You better believe it. Out of all the cool things Cool Pope Francis has done though, this might be the coolest. It’s about time praying had it’s comeuppance. Praying is sooooooooooooooooo boring. And stupid. Easily the most boring part of religion. To me, that’s what Cool Pope Francis is trying to say. He’s admitting even the pope realizes that praying is boring as shit. I grew up Catholic and there was nothing worse than standing in church while everyone prayed. It was those moments where I was like, “What the hell are we doing here guys? We’re all just standing in silence pretending.” Because that’s rally what praying is. Pretending. Pretending to do something when you’re really thinking about football or buffalo chicken dip or whatever just to keep it interesting. Nobody praying is actually praying to God. And if they are, they’re falling asleep like the pope.