Bills Head Coach Sean McDermott Officially Accepts His PMT Football Guy Of The Week Award

I can’t tell you how much it warms my heart that we now have head coaches being forced to give acceptance speeches for a completely made up award. And Sean McDermott absolutely nailed it. What does a Football Guy do when he doesn’t fully understand a question? He just tells you how blessed he is to be alive and to be spending time with his “guys”. Goes to the basic level of humanity. Talks about heart beats and being above ground. Happy to be here and have the opportunity to coach football. Well deserved Sean McDemott, well deserved. You passed the test by looking totally confused. Football Coaches don’t have time for podcasts, you would have been in trouble if you had any idea who we were.

This is why he won the award by the way.

Previous winners who have accepted their award.

Mike Leach from Washington State

Joel Vanning from Iowa State

Kohl the dog from Boise State