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A-Rod Was So Nervous On His First Date With J. Lo He Went To The Bathroom To Text... Her


First of all, post-baseball A-Rod becoming my favorite person in the world is not something I ever could have predicted, but it’s true. He is an *amazing* announcer and a great dad and a cute “I’m in love” guy and it all just makes me, as a romantic, feel all warm and tingly inside. It’s perhaps the greatest turnaround I’ve ever seen in my live.

As for the move? Well, I don’t know what to make of this move. I know chicks love it when you appear sensitive and vulnerable, I’m sure that goes ten fold when you’re already a mega celebrity, but I kinda feel like this is too weird to be “cute weird”? Like this doesn’t work for anyone but A-Rod. Unless you’re a millionaire athlete you can’t be hiding in the bathroom texting girls you’re currently on a date with. If, for example, I were to excuse myself from the table then send a gal “you look cute AF” from a bathroom stall then there’s a 100% chance she’s gone when I get back to the table she’s vanished without a trace. That’s some “the call is coming from inside the house” shit.

But for A-Rod? It just works. He’s a shy guy who wants to be liked, that’s what he’s been his whole life and he’s genuine on dates about it, albeit in a pretty odd way. I find that endearing AF.

PS – Maybe there was a part of the story missing but when A-Rod says “she told me in the third or fourth inning that she was single” is he just referring to the middle of the date? SUCH a baseball guy move. I need to start breaking down time by innings.