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Big Cat And Dallas Braden Faced Off In A Do Or Die Game Of Madden On Barstool Gametime

As the tale goes, Big Cat and Dallas Braden had a war of the words when it came to life. Naturally, such things need to be settled. And as two mature adults, you squash beef one way, and one way only: Through Video Games. So Big Cat and Dallas decided to test each other’s might on the field of Madden:

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Good fight, good night. Tough loss for the Cat. Our deepest condolences.

PS – We’re live streaming Call Of Duty:World War II ALL DAY on Friday. The entire office will be going to battle throughout the workday, Dunder Mifflin Stamford style. We’re also looking for Stoolies to join our platoon. Inquire within, and meet us on

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