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J Lo Posing With Her Ass Out In Vanity Fair With A Rod

Power Couple doesnt even begin to describe it. The Most Powerful Couple, perhaps. Powerfulest Couple? I dunno but its just pure sex and wealth dripping off the page. J Lo’s Ass. Arod hiking that dress up. The untied bow tie. The Blue Steel look. Just absolutely dominating the pages of Vanity Fair and the world in general. I’ll be honest I wasnt down with these two together. J Lo has been that spicy hot Latina owning the entire world of music and entertainment with her ass for the last 2o years. Arod is that socially awkward dude who just wants friends and spent most of his life dating weird body builders. I mean this is the same dude that once had the Worlds Strongest Women dangling from trees in his backyard like goddam monkeys. He was way to weird for J Lo and that ass.

But that was all Arod when he was an active player. A dickhead in Pinstripes. Arod in retirement has done a 180. Hes the most likable guy in the world. Great as a TV broadcaster. One of the world’s most shrewd businessmen with Arod Corp. And now he has a girlfriend that is an all time immortal. This picture right here is undeniable. Forget about steroids and slapping Bronson Arroyo and his blue lips and his awkward fake tears and apologies over the years. Bottom line is that picture right there makes you an instant Alpha. Thats Alex Rodriguez and hes currently the owner of THAT ASS. Arguably the most famous ass of all time.