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Eagles Trade 4th Round Pick To The Dolphins For Pro Bowl RB AJ Ajayi...Um...Why?

ESPN – The Miami Dolphins have traded running back Jay Ajayi to the Philadelphia Eagles for a fourth-round pick, it was announced Tuesday. Ajayi has rushed 138 times for 465 yards (3.4 average) over seven games for the Dolphins this season. He is coming off a big 2016 campaign in which he racked up over 1,200 yards 4.9 average) with eight touchdowns. He has yet to score a touchdown this season — the most rushing attempts in the league for a player yet to find the end zone. The Dolphins are the first team since the 2013 Rams to not have a rushing touchdown in their first seven games, and the team’s streak of eight straight games without a rushing touchdown is a franchise record.

Why? Because they can. That’s fucking why. Sweet Moses Smell The Roses. I go to one follow up doctor’s appointment for my beaten and battered nut and come out to all hell breaking loose. The run game has been consistent with Blount and company which features a healthy mix of Smallwood, Clement, and Barner. They’re 4th in the entire NFL in rushing. FOURTH! I suppose the pass protection could use a little help in the backfield, but this is a huge shakeup to the ground pound. Yes, he had a great year last season and, sure, the Dolphins offense in 2017 basically popped out stillborn from the jump, but was this move entirely necessary? Especially for a team that’s already given out upcoming early to mid-round picks like candy on Halloween? It’s tough to say. Personally I’d like to see that 4th-rounder be sacrificed towards OL help or even a LB now that Hicks is out of commission. But what do I know (Spoiler Alert: Nothing)? Hopefully Ajayi and Blount will be the dynamite 1-2 punch towards the promise land.

Howie gonna Howie. No matter if it’s the last week of the preseason and trading away the starting QB or pulling the trigger for a starting RB the last day of the deadline. The man ain’t afraid to make moves. Are they the right plays? I gotta say, recently, they have been rather favorable. Trading Bradford for a first rounder was a great steal. The Darby trade is looking favorable assuming Darby will see the field again (which he is supposed to soon). Then again giving away Denis Kelly for DBG does not look ideal as the Birds could use OL help now, but it was a decent shot at the time. I don’t hate grabbing the obviously talented Ajayi who can rush for 200 a pop on any given Sunday. I just don’t want them to fix something that ain’t necessary broken.

But, again, what the hell do I know. I’m literally wrong about basically every single thing about this team for the past 5 years…and I don’t give a FUCK. I’d rather look bad and they win than look good and they lose. The Billy Doyle of blogging. Now buy a shirt and let’s go get 8-1 on that Wagon.