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Opening Up The DMV Mailbag


I asked for people to email me stuff to today. This is what I got.


From Brendan: There’s a serial arsonist in San Jose.


Hey San Jose, be on the lookout for the most generic looking white person of all time. Guy has set up to 12 fires in 5 days. That’s a job well done. That’s giving 110%. Arson is a hard way of life. It’s not like robbing a bank where you have a positive outcome. Arson is just burning shit down for the love of the game. Respect.


From Olivia: Smartest dog video

A chick sent me a video I saw last week on It’s still cute as fuck though, I’ll give her that.


From Jeff: Stuffing


Get it? I asked for stuff and he sent me a picture of stuffing. That’s comedy gold, folks. Doesn’t get much better than that.


From Jim: “Look at my blog. Look at it

Is it good? I didn’t look at it.


From Justin: I saw this story on the BBC News iPhone App and thought you should see it: Man shot dead in cinema texting row. A retired police officer shot dead a fellow cinemagoer in an argument over texting, according to officials in Florida.


I was going to blog this yesterday, but then RG3 updated his Facebook status. Always sucks when someone dies, but what do you expect when you are playing Angry Birds in a Florida movie theater showing of Lone Survivor? Fault is divided 50/50.


From Miguel: Couldn’t really think of anything too funny at the moment, so these James Caan photos should serve as a buffer until I think of something better…



Thanks Miguel.

And that’s our Mailbag for today. Great work all around.