News Anchor Does A Headless Weather Report And It's Actually Pretty Sweet

People are very cynical about Halloween. Especially adults on Halloween. People shit all over any adults. As we speak my coworker Kevin Clancy is having people tweet him embarrassing costumes that people are wearing to work. It’s very ugly. Although I will admit, seeing witches and The Joker on the subway this morning was pretty ridiculous. Like I said in a blog yesterday, I’m not a dress up person for multiple reasons. But adult Halloween costumes aren’t dumb if you do them right. This headless weatherman is a perfect example of that. Mostly because I don’t know how he did it. It blows my fucking mind. I’m sure there’s some green screen involved but that really just confuses me further. That’s what I want in an adult Halloween costume. It needs to elicit some sort of emotional response. I need to be scared or confused. That headless costume does both.