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Sixers Working On Deal To Make Spurs' Assistant Brett Brown Next Head Coach

brett brown

Oh yeah, Sixers went through the draft and most of the off season without a head coach. Elite organization 101. Not that it really matters, the lovechild of John Wooden, Red Auerbach and Phil Jackson couldn’t lead this team to a winning record anytime soon.

So who is Brett Brown? Well he was the Spurs assistant head coach. Before then he came from the land Down Under and was the head coach of the Austrailia Men’s National Basketball team while coaching other places in Austrailia, as well. He’s got New England roots as his dad was Bob Brown, who was a big time high school coach in Maine.

Assistant NBA and overseas journeyman coach. Watch out NBA!!!! CLAP YOUR HANDS FOR YOUR 76ERS!!! Seriously though, he’s more than likely a stop gap coach, which is what is is. Welcome to Philadelphia, Brett.

But at least we finally have a worthwhile Sixers story. Surprised Mo’s erection in Jamaica isn’t blocking out the sun.