An Ole Miss Apartment Argument Turned Into Your Average Football Saturday 3 on 1 Knockout Brawl

So what happened here?  Somebody was creepin’?  There was a black guy creepin’ at some point?  Or maybe there wasn’t a black guy, this guy was creepin’, and blamed it on a black guy, but got caught, there was no actual black guy, he just thought, hey this is the South, let’s go with “black guy”?

It was all a little chaotic, but I do know this.  They take their manners seriously in the South.  Doesn’t even matter how intense the situation is – if a fight is imminent, you calmly ask if everyone can please move some stuff around so nothing gets broken.  This is a home after all.  We still have to live here after someone, or multiple people, get their asses whooped.

I mean even the square-off had a sense of honor about it.  Step up, move bystanders out of the way, put your fists up, make it clear what’s about to go down, make sure your opponent is ready.  Fight.

Granted his buddy immediately creeping in from the back to throw cheap shot haymakers was not gentlemanly, at all.  He must be visiting from out of town.  Fucking Mason.