The Best of 5th Year, Viceroys, and #BarstoolHalloween: Week 9

5th Year is back after week 8 of college football. The Snapchat show, which goes live every Friday, highlighted Rone and Caleb’s gameday weekend at Ole Miss. Next week’s show will feature Oklahoma State for the Oklahoma/OSU game, so be sure to catch the show exclusively on Snapchat.

In addition, we have the Instagram and Twitter which will bring you the best college content from across the nation DAILY. Every Monday at 5PM on Twitter, 5th Year will post the top 20 videos from the weekend for our weekly #BestOf5thYear contest. Here is a preview of some of the best content that 5th year and the viceroy accounts have to offer from week 9.

Texas: The one friend you’re always babysitting after 3 drinks.

Western Illinois: Dual-threat athlete.

UNH: I’m sure this girl had a very normal night after this.

Oklahoma: Pray for Kandice

Colorado State: Thomas the Dank Engine

Oklahoma: A pinch better


UCONN: Can’t get offended at a costume that’s already offended

UMiami: “Oh my gorgeous”

NC State: If you don’t stand for something you will fall for anything

URI: Hardoooo


Illinois: Probably not the brightest idea to text the Domino’s pizza guy.





Nailed it.

Someone please answer the call!


Halloween contest is off to a good start


Rollin up to the party with the best costume like


Freshman experiencing their first Halloween in college

Anakin Cockwalker