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Congrats To This Soccer Player Who Needed 10 Stitches On His Dick After Getting Kicked

Classic good news bad news situation here. Bad news? Your dick has a giant gash in it. Definitely bad news there. That’s less than ideal. Never a good situation when a doctor has to take a needle and thread to your shaft. I got stitches on my thumb once and I almost passed out. I can’t imagine getting stitches on my waist thumb. Good news? Your dick is big enough that it required 10 stitches to sew it up. That’s a lot, right? 10 stitches for a limp dick? Sounds like a lot. Anything in the double digits seems like a good thing. 9 stitches? LOL tiny dick boy. 10 stitches? I just assume the dude has a hog. Even if it’s not a lot, it sounds like a lot and promoting your dick size is all about perception. It’s also an easy way to bring up that you have a big dick. “Do you have any scars?” Well actually I have a giant scar on my giant dick after getting a giant gash on my previously-mentioned giant dick.

PS- There were no pictures that I could find. This is one of those situations where none of us want to the see the pictures of a sewn up dick but in reality all of us want to see pictures of a sewn up dick. It has to look narrrrrrrrrrrsty.