Could Lebron Win An NCAA Title On A 16 Seed?



So this question came up yesterday, if you put Lebron on a 16 seed could that team win the NCAA tournament? Now usually these NCAA/Pro sports hypotheticals are a little absurd. Could the Jaguars beat Bama or could Florida beat the Sixers? No, definitely not. But if you put Lebron on a 16 seed and had him try to win 6 games in March I actually think he could do it. First of all he could absolutely play 40 minutes, so you wouldn’t even have to sit him. On Defense you basically throw him at Center and let him block people at the rim and on Offense you don’t even need him to score on every possession. If you have 1 or 2 good shooters on your team Lebron can drive and dish all day long. Everyone else can basically stand around while he demands double and triple teams. Not saying they would blow anyone out but I think they could win the title and it would be awesome to watch.




Time to vote 1 for They would win and 10 for no chance.

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