RG3 Had A Bad, Baddddddddd Case Of The Sunday Scaries Last Night

Everyone knows RG3 is my guy. I’ve written enough words to compose a book about the roller coaster that was his NFL career. Sometimes I’m up on RG3, sometimes I’m down on him. I’ve been harsh, but I’ve always been fair. And now I just want him back in the league. I definitely think he’s good enough to still play in the NFL, but it’s sort of a Kaepernik type thing- front offices have to decide if he’s worth the potential headache. RG3 comes with a lot of baggage. And there are about a million reasons why. I could write a dissertation about what went wrong in RG3’s NFL career, from his overbearing father, to his immaturity, to finishing the Seahawks game without any knees, to “all in for week 1″, to trusting Dan Snyder, to public squabbles with the coaching staff, and so much more. RG3 is a lot to blame for his downfall, but there are layers to why things worked out the way they did.

Anyway, last night Robert had a bad, baddddd case of the Sunday Scaries and started throwing down a Tweet parade for the ages about his time in DC. I’ll pick out the better, more interesting Tweets, since there are about 1,000 total, give or take. He starts with the above Tweet, asking if coaches should tailor the offense to the starter or the backup, clearly referencing him vs Kirk Cousins. He then continued:

After RT’ing various answers, Bob begins his point of view:


So in other words, Gruden didn’t believe in him. Didn’t matter what his skillset was, he was not Gruden’s guy, so he wasn’t going to be given a fair shake. That’s how RG3 sees it. Now, I don’t believe that to be 100% true, because coaches want the best QB, and if Gruden thought RG3 gave them the best chance to win, he would still be playing. But I get Robert’s side, he didn’t feel he was given a fair shake from the start due to how Gruden valued traditional QBs over his style of playing.

He continues:


Leading to him finally directly talking about 2014:


It took 3 years, but RG3 has finally come to peace with the decision to move on. Does he still not completely get that there were other issues that led to this decision? It’s hard to decipher. I think he sort of gets it was a ridiculous situation with so many layers and ridiculous twists and turns though

“for a lot of reasons” is an understatement. I’ve written probably a million words about all those reasons. Remember when he went from starter to deactivated in the matter of 2 days? So wild.

I usually hate when Bob goes down the mass-tweeting route, but I think it was very good for him to admit many mistakes were made and say he finally understands why things went down the way they did. Kinda. I think he still doesn’t completely get how his personality affected his tenure, but he at least is understanding that if you’re not the coach’s guy, you’re not the coach’s guy.

He seems happy, or at minimum content, with his life now, but man…if only we could go back in time and see what could have been if everything was handled differently.