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Kacie McDonell Demonstates How Your Woman Has To Take All Of Her Crap Into A Birds Game Now The NFL Banned Handbags

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Would’ve been more appropriate if Kacie acted like a true drunken lady Eagles fan after tailgating and did the demonstration topless, but I guess you can’t win em all.

Big, non clear handbags are banned across the NFL this year. You know how many women are going to abide by this new rule correctly? 0. And I’m still hammering the under. Good luck to the guys who are going to have to deal with their felines bitching about how she had to dump her Marc Jacobs handbag at the gate while their man is being forced to cart around her keys, makeup and tampons. When going to the Birds game for now on, best take the advice of former Heisman front runner Joe Kane and put the women and children to bed and go looking for dinner.

And your damn right I know what a Marc Jacobs handbag is and looks like. Way to many exes who required the overpriced crap. Coincidentally, no wonder I enjoyed this fire jam.