Is This Houston Man Who Threw Puig's HR Back A Hero Or A Hardo?

What a fucking GAME, huh? Balls more juiced than Jose Canseco and Mark McGwire sharing a trough at the Coliseum. Dingers every other pitch. Carrabis will come fill you in on all the particulars of this instant classic sometime in the not-to-distant future, I’m just here to talk about the angriest person in Texas right now.

Throwing back home runs 99.9% of the time is the biggest hardo move imaginable. The only time I can remember it being even remotely cool was when Henry Rowengartner learned he had the strongest arm on the planet in the 1993 classic film “Rookie Of The Year. But that was before tonight. This was different. This was primal. This guy was SO heated Yasiel Puig just hit a check-swing home run he couldn’t contain himself. The best part is I don’t even think he knows that couple. He saw this woman and her partner celebrating getting a nice souvenir from one of the all time World Series games played and his blood pressure went through the roof. He could not possibly fathom why that ball was still in the stands and not launched back onto the field with more exit velocity than it had off Puig’s bat.


“Nope. No sir. Not today, Beth. Get this devil ball FAR away from me.”




Decent defense here. Solid contest on the pull up but the man who brought sunglasses to an indoor night game had too much of a reach advantage and was able to get the shot off.


And finally, “Hey, c’mon buddy, what’s your gosh darn problem, huh? We’re still up 12-11 what could POSSIBLY go wrong?”

What a game, what a move, what a legend.