The Weekend Greenie Bag - Sunday Scaries Edition


Now that football is in it’s last game, chances are you’re sitting on your couch trying your best to not look at the clock and the realization that Monday morning is coming and it’s coming quick. Sunday scaries are at an all time high right now, which is why it’s the perfect time to distract you with the latest edition of the Weekend Greenie Bag. What better way to ignore your reality than to check in with our favorite stoolies and see what’s on their mind. As a reminder any time you have a basketball or Celtics related though, shoot it on over with #GreenieBag or email

With that said, let’s see what was on your mind

50+ wins and a 1 seed while having multiple All Stars on his team. Coach of the Year is a weird award where it rarely goes to the best coach. It wouldn’t shock me if Brad rarely wins the actual hardware and instead just gets constant praise from anyone and everyone with a brain. That’s OK for me

Totally not C’s-related, hope that’s OK. Can you give me a rundown of how you feel about Melo as a player? Personally, I think he’s wildly overrated and super inefficient. Put up like 100 shots a game as a Knick and scores like 20 points on them, then they lose and he’s heralded as a first-option superstar. – Tanner

My stance on Melo is pretty common. I think he’s a wildly talented player, a guy who 100% will be in the HOF. I think he’s an elite shot maker who can carry a team offensively at times. But I’m also happy he was never a Celtic if that makes any sense. I agree he’s inefficient, doesn’t really try on defense, but there is no denying that when Melo is locked in, he’s really fucking good.

My guess Tanner is that you’re a Knicks fan and have some personal feelings towards the guy. That’s OK, I’d be pretty pissed if I was a Knicks fan too. I think we’re going to see a version of Melo this year we haven’t seen before, and he’s already off to a great start.

Hey Greenie, what’s more likely: Gordon Hayward returning this season or the Cavs trading the nets pick for Eric Bledsoe? – Jordan

Well Jordan I don’t think any of those are likely, but I guess I’d say Hayward returning. There is no way on Earth the Cavs are trading the BKN pick for Eric Bledsoe. Even if the front office wanted to, no chance Lebron allows it.

But I’ve also come to peace with the fact that we probably won’t and shouldn’t see Hayward again this season. The Celts were granted the DPE, and while that doesn’t mean for certain Hayward comes back at any point this year, I think it’s easier for everyone if we just act like he isn’t. Go get Nerlens, wait for the buyout market, anything is cool with me on how you want to spend that 8.5M, just don’t sell me false hope that Hayward will lace them up again before October.


Like you I’m a big #TeamIsaiah guy. So when he got traded, that was not one of my finer moments. However you can’t change what happened and I will forever love everything IT did for our team and this city. This question however refers to the man he got traded for, Kyrie. I wanted to get your initial thoughts on what he has brought to the team and where you think he can improve and what you think we can expect from him for the rest of the season. Keep fighting the good fight Greenie! Viva -Paul

I’d give Kyrie a B+ through 6 games. I think we’re all seeing how hard it was for Isaiah to average 29 a game, and I know a lot of people thought Kyrie now that he didn’t have Lebron would live in the 26-29 range. I don’t see it. Currently he’s at 21/5/4 with a 20.00 PER which might seem low compared to last year, but is actually more along the lines of his career average. I think it’s fair to say that he still needs to become way more efficient, his shooting percentages are crap, but I think that’s something we can expect to change over time.

I have been really impressed with how he’s defended though. I talked about it in the earlier blog today, but a lot of the questions I had about Kyrie came down to effort, not skill. We’ve gotten that effort so far this season, and that’s important for a guy in his position. I’ve also been pleased with his ability to step up and close out games after a shaky start in this area.

Hey Greenie long time/first time, love the write ups and hopefully you’ll be in NY soon enough…

My question is what are the chances of Jaylen brown being an all star THIS year. With PG, melo, and Gordon (poor some of my 40 on the ground) out of the picture and him playing how he is I don’t see who gets the nod ahead of him besides that guy on the Cavs. Same question basically applies for Tatum.

I drink my koolaid by the gallon jug. – Steve

I can respect the Kool Aid overdose as much as the next guy, but Steve I don’t think you’re going to be very happy come February. I don’t think Tatum/Jaylen are going to be All Stars THIS year. Between Beal/DeRozan/Fournier/Simmons etc, there are too many guys that probably would make it over him at the two spot. Same goes for Tatum. They both have incredibly bright futures, and have been solid so far this season (minus Jaylen’s little slump) but I think we need to pump the brakes just a little bit.

I feel like we are seeing wins when EVERYONE is on…and it seems like when that’s not the case, we don’t have that guy to step up and make up for it in scoring. Potentially Kyrie? Tatum or Brown? Obviously Hayward is that guy, but since we don’t have him for now, is this team sustainable?

Give Water an extra treat for the win last night. – Derek Orr

I agree with you Derek to some extent. We haven’t really seen who is going to be that guy to step up in a game in which nobody shows up. We’ve had 2nd quarter lulls and that sort of thing, but we haven’t seen the Celtics steal a game they shouldn’t have. CLE would have been that game for me, but it didn’t happen. In terms of who the guy needs to be, the answer is obviously Kyrie. With Gordon out, he now needs to assume the Isaiah Thomas role of last year. He needs to live in the 25-30 range nightly, and if he’s not going to score that high, he needs to be getting guys involved. So far he’s rised to the challenge, especially during the last two wins, so there are signs that he’s capable.

Alright Walter won’t shut the fuck up, so we’re going to have to call it here. Thanks to everyone who wrote in this week, keep em coming and I’ll see everyone next weekend.


Enjoy the rest of your Sunday night!