The Browns Haven't Won On A Sunday Since Johnny Football Won On December 13, 2015...25 Straight Losses!

That’s downright impressive. If you’re a Browns fan you shouldn’t even be mad, just amazed. That’s SO HARD to do. Tying quite literally the worst team in NFL history in consecutive losses on a Sunday, just gotta tip your cap for finding a way to be that freaking bad. I wrote a pretty fun blog about just how terrible the Browns have been over the last two decades, and this is a whole new wrinkle for it. Just when you thought you knew all about how bad the Browns are, you find out they haven’t won on the Lord’s day since December 13, 2015 when Johnny Fucking Football was under center. JFF went 21-31 for 270 yards and a TD vs the Niners that game, not too shabby!

Look at the perfect AP write up from the last time the Browns won on a Sunday. It’s absolutely PERFECT.

Screen Shot 2017-10-29 at 2.12.15 PM

So now the Brownies are 0-8 this season, after going 1-15 last season. That one win was on a Saturday, Christmas Eve in fact…and the starting QB none other than RG3, of course. Give him a call, Cleveland! Do it! Win on Sundays again!!!!