Yeah So Maybe Don't Bang On The Glass Anywhere Near Jake Voracek

The thing that sucks here is that guy got exactly what he was looking for. You know for a fact that anybody who is this big of a douchebag is going to go around bragging about the time he got Jake Voracek to hose him down with a water bottle for cheering on the Leafs. Actually, buddy seems like a total knob so he probably doesn’t even know who Jake Voracek is. Just goes around for the rest of the night telling absolutely fucking everybody about how he got into a Flyers player’s head so bad that he squirted him with a water bottle. Wears it like a douchebag badge of honor. Probably has this video up on his Facebook page right now with a 5-paragraph essay about how he’s the biggest Leafs fan in the world and will do anything it takes to help his team get the win. Filled with at least 4 or 5 comments from his fellow douchebag friends saying “LOL Bro u totaly fuking got that dude, we gotta chill soon man hmu”.

But still gotta give a quick shoutout to Jake Voracek here for at least doing something. There’s nothing worse than a glass banger. They are the lowest of scums that human beings have to offer. You pay hundreds and hundreds of dollars for incredible seats only to act like a dink for 60 minutes. You bang on the glass, you deserve to get your hand chopped off. Or sprayed with a water bottle at the very least. Just wish we had a reverse Tie Domi situation here and Voracek went into the stands to beat his ass. I guess the Flyers doubling up the Leafs 4-2 last night was just as good though.

P.S. – Speaking of Flyers beating some ass, I cannot wait until these two teams play again on December 12th so somebody can beat the piss out of Leo Komarov.

Komarov is one of the biggest scums in the league but nobody really talks about it because he bloooooows. He’s nothing more than a genital wart on a Maple Leafs team who is finally coming back from decades of irrelevancy. You hit Ghost like this AND you don’t get penalized for it? Well first off, fuck the stripes for the no-call. And second off, I guess the Flyers will just have to self police themselves and Komarov’s face is going to get beat to shit by Wayne Simmonds next time around. Should be fun.