Isaiah Thomas Seemed To Really Enjoy Tonight's Cavs Game

Camera pans from the court to the bench to find ISAIAH THOMAS speaking candidly in a gigglish tone with JR SMITH.

ISAIAH – Hey, JR, you know the difference between jelly and jam?

JR – Isaiah, baby, you just told me that joke not 10 seconds ago.

ISAIAH – You can’t jelly your di-

JR – ISAIAH, c’mon. How many of those brownies did you have before you came out here?

ISAIAH – Shit man, I lost count.

JR – You gotta be careful with those man they’re super strong. You already look like one of those cartoon dogs when you’re stone sober.

ISAIAH – Who, like Goofy? Pluto? Scoobert Doobert?

JR – Nah, this dude.


ISAIAH – Wait, how could I see that?

JR – Exactly.

ISAIAH – Man, I’m trippin’. Hey, JR, since we’re talking about cartoon dogs. How come Pluto and Goofy were both dogs but one could talk and the other was just a regular dog? Like they’re in the same universe, everyone’s an animal with full human sentience except for Pluto. It’s messed up man.

TY LUE – Isaiah, JR went into the game five minutes ago. Please stop talking to my clipboard.