Last Night In The NBA: Holy Orlando Magic!

San Antonio Spurs v Orlando Magic

Welcome back to another edition of Last Night In The NBA where we catch you up on everything that went down the night before in the Association. There were 7 games last night, and seeing as how it was a Friday night there’s a chance you missed some of it. Fear not, because even though you may be hung over as hell, just sit back and relax and let me tell you what happened.

Rockets 109 Hornets 93

What’s the most impressive thing about the Rocket’s 5-1 start? They have yet to lose on the road. 4-0 in all, this team is playing some of the best basketball in the league, and they don’t even have CP3 in the lineup! Just  think about that for a second.  A big part of that success is due to Eric Gordon playing some of the best basketball of his life. He had 26 in this one on 9-22 shooting, including 6 made threes

Harden wasn’t too far behind with 27/10/11 and four threes of his own

And as a team the Rockets continue to change how this game is played. What I mean by that, is nobody has embraced the 3pt line like them. Not GS, not BOS, nobody. They made 22 threes in total as a team with three players attempting at least 10. That is insane

For CHA, you may hate him, but you can’t deny Dwight Howard has sort of found new life so far this season down in CHA. A 19/16 performance this was yet another game with at least 15 rebounds

He got some help with 26 from Kemba and 20 from Lamb, but they weren’t efficient, and as a team the Hornets had 37/37% splits. Offense has been a problem for CHA this year so far, as they’ve only broken 100 twice all year.

Magic 114 Spurs 87


Holy shit. The biggest surprise game of the entire night, this was an absolute massacre that I don;t think one person saw coming. Look at ORL, now 4-1 and 3-0 at home. Look at that!

So how did they pull off the most improbable win of the season? Well, shooting 57% from the floor and 47.8% from deep. Sure they had 18 TOs but it didn’t matter one bit. Evan Fournier led the charge with 25 points on 10-12 shooting (4-4 from deep)

Aside from Terrance Ross, not one Magic starter missed more than 4 shots. That’s wild. They also had a pretty nice revenge game from Jonathan SImmons who had 17 points on 8-13

For SA, at least LMA continued his strong play with 24 points, but nobody else on the roster showed up. Even though the Spurs are 4-1 themselves, I can’t imagine practice today is going to be fun for them. Pop probably stayed up all night starting at this score and these numbers and they’ll pay for it for sure.

Nuggets 105 Hawks 100

Hawks just can’t catch a break I’ll tell ya. The Nuggets finally got a very Jokic like performance from their prized big man, who poured in 18/15/5 in 33 minutes


But he wasn’t alone. Four other Nuggets had at least 15 points, and they needed every last one of them considering no quarter was decided by more than 3 points. Jamal Murray didn’t have the same level of succeess, just 3-12, and are we sure playing him at PG isn’t doing more hard than good? The Nuggets need to trade Faried for Bledsoe and they need to do that yesterday.

Oh and DEN went 4-20 from three which was funny. Get it? Denver, 420, weed. Get it?

For ATL, they couldn’t spoil Millsap’s return to ATL, and were led by Schroder’s 20 points on 7-16. Now 1-5 on the year, did you know this was just their first home game of the season? Man the Hawks are going to stink so bad.

Knicks 107 Nets 86

The Nets continue to make no goddamn sense. Oh let’s lead the league in scoring and beat CLE and then turn around and not break 90 and lose to the Knicks. Make up your minds on if you’re going to be shitty or not I can’t take it.

Porzingis was pretty unicorny in this one, going for 30/9 on 13-24

That was his 3rd 30 point game so far this season, and really as a team, the Knicks didn’t play that bad. Five total players in double figures, just 11 turnovers and they shot 44% from the field to earn their first win at MSG.

Also, shouts to Jarrett Jack for still starting in an NBA game. Yeah it was the Knicks, but it still counts!

For BKN, they must have not gotten the memo, because nobody showed up outside of D’Angelo Russell. He was the only starter in double figures with 15 points on 6-10, but basically everyone on this roster was trash. Nets now fall to 3-3 and have yet to win on the road (0-3).

Timberwolves 119 Thunder 116

Now this was a great game. KAT was insane with 33/19 on 50% shooting, Butler finally back in the lineup had 25 on 7-10 including 11-13 from the FT line


and every MIN starter had at least 14 points. Of their 119 points, just 14 of it came from their bench, but that’s OK when as a team you shoot 48.8% from the field.

For OKC, their Big 3 showed up as well. Westbrook had 27/8/9 on 10-18 shooting, PG13 had 23 on 8-16, and Melo had 23 on 8-15. Hell even Steven Adams had 20/8 on 8-10. When they get that sort of offensive production from their main guys, they won’t lose many games.

Late game execution again haunted OKC, and I think it’s fair to say that two teams that got A LOT of hype before the season started, have underachieved to some extent. The Thunder are yet to win a game on the road, and the Timberwolves finally climbed to .500. This game may not seem like it matters now, but wait till we get to like March and seeding starts to matter especially when it comes to Head to Head matchups.

Warriors 120 Wizards 117

Remember after the Wizards lost to the Lakers and I talked about how WSH was maybe the worst road team my eyes have ever seen? Well guess what, they blew a 19 point lead on the road! I’m not kidding that really happened!

It helped that Durant was ridiculous

Curry did things like this

and the GS bench came out of nowhere and really turned this game around


I suppose the big story was the fight between Beal/Draymond that you can read all about here and in typical Deal With The Devil fashion, didn’t come back to bite GS.

For WSH, there’s no denying it, John Wall again came up short. 7-20 from the field, so much is talked about why he’s not given the same publicity or respect as some other guards, well, look at these last two games as a prime example. Ran his mouth before LAL and got outplayed by Lonzo, and then had his team up huge, and when things got close and they needed him to make plays, he couldn’t do it. John Wall is REALLY FUCKING GOOD, but you can’t ignore how he continues to come up empty in these high pressure situations.

Thankfully, Wizards fans can focus on Otto Porter Jr, and how ridiculous he was in this game

Raptors 101 Lakers 92

Raptors have now won 6 in a row against the Lakers, and they did it by getting a pretty complete effort from their entire roster

Certainly helps when you get a triple dub from your PG


and a 29-21 fourth quarter to help seal the deal.

For LAL, I guess Lonzo Ball turned back into a pumpkin? In 32 minutes he went 2-7 with 5/7/6 and 4 TOs. I don’t think they’ll EVER admit it, but you know and I know that Lakers fans are a bit disappointed with what they’ve seen from Lonzo on the whole. He’s had his moments, but compared to some of the other rookies we’ve seen so far, he’s been just a guy.

They did get good performances from Kuzma who had a double double

and Julius Randle who is doing a nice job of showcasing his skills for every other team in the league because there is no chance the Lakers use their cap space on him after this season

You’re now all caught up on everything that happened last night in the NBA. There are 8 more games on tonight, so make sure you check back here tomorrow morning before football starts for anything you may have missed!