Watch This Referee Reset A Pro Wrestler's Broken Finger In The Middle Of A Match

AHHH! OR DON’T! That was disgusting. So gross. I’m sorry I made you click on this blog. Sincerest apologies.

This clip comes from PWG’s Battle of Los Angeles this year, the greatest tournament in all of wrestling. If you’re unfamiliar with PWG, and you’re saying to me, “Robbie, pal, this looks like it’s held in an American fucking Legion, how could it be the greatest anything?”, it’s time to become familiar with the company. I own every single one of their shows since 2013 and there’s no wrestling promotion on earth that delivers as much consistently amazing in-ring work. I’d be willing to bet some of your favorite wrestlers even worked here before making it to the WWE, such as Daniel Bryan, Kevin Owens, Sami Zayn, Neville, Adam Cole, Kyle O’Reilly, Bobby Fish, CM Punk, Johnny Gargano, Tommasso Ciampa, Cedric Alexander, Roderick Strong, and TJP to name a few.

In this clip, Flamita is the wrestler getting his finger reset. He’s one of the best luchadors on the planet, and obviously a tough mofo. The last time I saw a guy in a mask hurt his finger…this happened:

Still may be my favorite moment in WWE history. Homeboy jammed his finger and put the show on halt. Frantically called the ref over and said, “Yep! I’m retired!”. Here Flamita finished the rest of this brutal match with Chuck Taylor almost puked himself on commentary.

The referee that set it back in place is Rick Knox, the best in the business. Here’s an example of what he’s done in the past:

Check out PWG if you get the chance because it’s an absolute blast of a program. There’s no real storylines so you can jump in wherever, but I’d recommend BOLA ’13 if you wanna see some familiar faces.