Obama Made A 10-Footer To Beat Jordan Spieth And Now I Need To See An Obama vs Trump Golf Match

This one’s tough to believe. I’ve seen Obama’s golf game and he stinks. Absolutely stinks. Obviously everything was handicapped, Barry’s probably getting 40 strokes, but still tough to swallow this one. A 10-foot, double-breaker on 18 with a crowd? This guy?

Barry seems like a pretty cool dude but between bowling a 37, going 2-for-22 in a shoot around, and seeing his efforts around the green, he doesn’t seem like the guy to sink matching-winning 10-footers. With a crowd.

Clearly this is just one of those things people who play golf with presidents or former presidents have to do. They must talk positively about what they saw. 100% of the time. You will never hear “Yeah I played with the president and he sucked, was awful, couldn’t get off the tee.” Never. Ever. You will never hear that nor should you. Just an unwritten rule that, if violated, might result in the elimination of your family lineage from history.

This all brings me to the main point which is that we need to see a Trump vs Obama golf match. Need it. Handicap it out, play whatever tees you want, I don’t care, just need to see an NBC, professionally produced 18-hole match between the two. I want Johnny Miller ripping them about nerves. I want tops off the tee, three-putts from 4 feet in the most-watched golf match ever. I need ruthless heckling from Trump as Obama’s trying to execute important shots. Driving his cart up on the green to scoop up a 40-foot gimme. I need it all.

I don’t think I could even think of a better live event.

“Next up on the tee, Donnie Buckets”