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The Highlight of Last Night's NFL Game Was a Cat Running On The Field Commentated By Tony Romo...Yes You Heard Me a Cat

What happens when you put two of the more boring teams in the NFL in a primetime slot? We get a blowout 40-0 Ravens win with the quarterback battle of Ryan Mallett and Matt Moore. We were doing so well with good Thursday night games, breaking the trend of previous years’ utter dog shit. Then we relapsed last night in the worst of ways last possible. It was like being clean sober for a full year and then running into Manziel and Charlie Sheen on a booze cruise. We’re back to square one folks.

The highlight of the whole night was Tony Romo commentating a fucking cat running across the field. A FUCKING CAT! Ratings bonanza folks. Incredible agility and quickness on that feline right there. Making cuts that would make RGIII’s knees quake.

The only part of Romo’s cat commentary, which is getting all the hype, that I didn’t get was where he questioned if the cat was gonna get two feet in. Well Tony, the cat was running across the field so he already had two feet in the whole time, and in fact he got four feet in. Clean it up Tony yeeeesh.

Well anyways, thank goodness we don’t have to see the Dolphins anymore on primetime right? Wait what’s that? Who’s playing next Sunday night?

Screen Shot 2017-10-27 at 12.13.39 PM

Alright that’s the last time I promise….No don’t tell me….not again…It can’t be!

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