Good For Jeff Conine For Telling Derek Jeter To Take His Pity Job Offer And Shove It Up His Ass

Miami Marlins Press Conference

We’re only one month into the Derek Jeter Era in Miami, and I think it’s fair to say that we’ve gotten off to a rocky start. Jeter’s first order of business, before he was even officially introduced as a part owner of the club, was instructing, then, Marlins team president David Samson, who was leaving the team after the new ownership took over, to fire Jack McKeon, Jeff Conine, Andre Dawson, and Tony Perez.

That’s the 86-year-old former manger of the 2003 World Series champion Florida Marlins, the man known as “Mr. Marlin” for being one of the franchise’s most beloved players, and two men who have plaques hanging in Cooperstown, New York with their names and faces on it. Pink Slip City, courtesy of Derek Sanderson Jeter, and the worst part is that he made somebody else do his dirty work because he didn’t want to fire them himself. Not the greatest look.

As if that wasn’t the worst introduction to Marlins fans, then came the reports that this new ownership group wants to cut the team’s payroll down to $90 million next year. Well, how do you do that, Derek? How do you do that when your projected payroll for 2018 is roughly $132 million?

Oh, that’s easy! You trade their superstar player, one of the most popular players in the entire league, who is arguably the best hitter in franchise history, right next to future Hall of Famer Miguel Cabrera, who will go into the Hall of Fame in a Tigers hat, not a Marlins hat. You take the guy who came one homer shy of 60 bombs in 2017, and you trade him away, hoping that the receiving team assumes the entire guaranteed $285 million that’s still remaining on his contract. You hear that? That’s the sound of fan approval ratings crashing through the floor.

And on top of all that, after seeing all of the backlash that his decision to not only fire guys like McKeon, Conine, Dawson and Perez had gotten, but to then have someone else do it because he didn’t want to — he then goes and offers them pity positions for his own sake. A little, “Hey, we don’t actually want you here, but if you wanna just kinda hang around without really doing anything or making any money, then feel free to do that,” type of roles so that he can at least say he offered to keep them around.

Jeff Conine, who served as a special assistant to former team president David Samson, said he turned down an offer from new ownership to remain with the organization in what would have been a sharply diminished role at lower pay.

“To say I’m disappointed, that I won’t have a role in this organization, yeah, I’m disappointed,” Conine said by phone Thursday.

Conine and three other special assistants – Jack McKeon, Tony Perez and Andre Dawson – were each fired last month by Samson under orders from Derek Jeter, right after Jeter and Bruce Sherman completed purchase of the franchise. But Conine, Perez and Dawson were each offered new positions with the Marlins, though they carried less responsibility and for lower pay. The three were reportedly making $100,000 annually. Sources said they were offered half that to remain with the team.

Conine refused. He said he was told he would be involved in spring training and alumni gatherings – “community service type things” – but that was about it.

“It was diminished everything across the board,” Conine said of the reduced role. “I didn’t feel it was worth my time and I’m going to explore other opportunities.”

A FIFTY PERCENT pay cut to stay with the Marlins? Get the fuck outta here, Jeter. First you don’t have the balls to fire these well respected men to their faces, and then you try to save face by giving yourself the technicality of, “Oh, well they still could’ve worked here if they wanted to, but they turned it down.” Fuck that.

Of course they turned it down. You literally made them an offer that you knew they were going to refuse. And to be honest, I didn’t really have a problem with the decision to not retain these guys. If the new ownership group wants to blow it up, start from scratch and do it their way, then they are certainly well within their right to do that and that’s more than fine with me. My issue was the cowardly move of having someone who was about to leave the organization fire them for you, and then following that up with pity job offers afterwards for your own personal gain in the court of public opinion.

The guy’s name is Mr. fucking MARLIN and he turned down your offer to work for the MARLINS. Think about that. How insulting does your offer have to be for that to happen? Figure it out, Jetes. This ain’t the Bronx where everybody thinks you walk on water anymore.